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Gratitude Mentality II

An attitude of gratitude will take you to the farthest altitude.

Hello friend, welcome back to another week! Today is the second and final part in the mini series I titled “Gratitude Mentality”. Hoping todays post provides a little encouragement as we enter into Thanksgiving week.

This past week, I’ve been reminiscing about the last year. It’s amazing to see how much God has done in just a year. What has God done for you in the last year? Last month? Last week? Last 24 hours? Last hour?

If you took some time thinking about the last few questions, I believe several things came to your mind. Take some time this week, to list out those things and thank God for what He’s been doing.

1Thes 5:18 states: “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” ESV‬‬

Yes you read that right! We are supposed to give thanks in all circumstances.

And the simple reason for this is because it is God’s will.

How many times have you prayed to God asking Him to reveal His will for your life? Well, here’s a place to start. Begin today by thanking God for where you’re at in life.

Three things I would like to share with you about what a gratitude mentality can do:

1. It will open your eyes to all the blessings around you. When you start your day by simply being thankful, you’ll notice more of the ways God has blessed you throughout the day.

2. It will lead you to the blessings God has for you. Sometimes all it takes is being thankful for what you've got in order to unleash more of what God has in store for you.

3. It will remove you from a selfish place to a place that brings glory to God. Let me explain what I mean. Most of the times we struggle with self pity and doubt, the problem is that we are focusing on our weaknesses and short-comings. However, when we begin to be grateful for the failures and struggles in our lives, our perspective about the situations around us begin to change. Instead of the focus on self; our attention turns to God and what He is doing in our life.


This week’s post was a short reminder that an attitude of gratitude will truly take you far. Don’t settle for ungratefulness and self pity. Instead, look past the current circumstances and see what amazing things God is already doing and will do in your life.


1. List 5 things you are grateful for each day this week. 2. Don’t complain about a single thing this week. [And in the small chance you do, ask for forgiveness and keep going]



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