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Happy Mother's Day

A mother is like a flower; each one beautiful and unique - Anon

Hello friend and welcome back to another week.

If you haven't already read the title, let me start by saying Happy Mother's Day. Today's post is dedicated to all mothers everywhere.

Growing up in a family of 7 (5 siblings and 2 parents) our household was not without its challenges. My mom cooked, cleaned, took care of us and did everything else that needed to be done. Looking back, I'm still not sure how she got things done, other than relying on God's strength.

As I get older, I sometimes find myself glancing back at my childhood. For this mother's day I would like to share a couple things I've learned from watching my mother.

  1. Life isn't perfect

To be honest, I truly didn't understand how the world works until I left home for college. Much of our lives (us kids) was lived in a small community and we grew up very sheltered. I still remember my mother waking us up cooking breakfast and packing us lunch. She did it with so much happiness that I was convinced that as soon as you become an adult/mother life is always perfect. I believed (at the time) that mothers were always happy :)

Fast forward to the year I left home and things began to change. I quickly realized that even though my mother may have made things look perfect, life was certainly not like that. Life is full of a lot of ups and downs and moments in between. But also having a Christian mother, I realized leaning on God through all of these moments was the best thing anyone can do.

2. God's love is greater.

Before you disagree with me, please hear this. Even though the love of a mother is perhaps one of the greatest things in this life, it is still not as great as the love of Christ. While the prayers and love from a mother are definitely a gift to be treasured, because we live in an imperfect world, it is still flawed. And that love can sometimes be misguided or driven by selfish ambition

However, God's love is not flawed. In fact, if you are blessed with a Christian mother, then I hope you know about this love. I was privileged to be led to Christ by my mother on my 7th birthday. She described a love that was even better than what she could offer.


My sister (brother's wife - Erin) recently gave birth to my first biological nephew. While it is so beautiful to watch her switch to mom mode effortlessly and naturally; I've also gotten the privilege to sometimes see or hear about the challenges of parenting. However, in spite of all that, here is something she shared with me about her motherhood journey this far (used with permission of course)

I would say [one of the joys of motherhood so far] would be the first smile he gives me in the morning when he wakes up. And also seeing him learn new things. I’m so honored that I get to see that.”

…my ultimate goal for him, which is what I pray every night, and that is for him to find Jesus at an early age, and to grow up to please him with his life...

I have heard this before by Abe Lincoln and I think it was such a honor for him to say about his mother- All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. ”

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