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Waiting a Little Longer

Waiting a little longer is intentional

Hello friend and welcome back to another post.

Last week's post I discussed "Waiting on the Messiah" and also shared three things that happen when we wait. In the conclusion, I mentioned discussing about the fulfillment of the promise in the next post, but I feel led to put that on hold till next week and continue with the topic of waiting. Thus the title for today's post is "Waiting a little longer".

Lets start with the definition of the word ‘wait’.

My pastor recently defined the word 'wait' (qavar) as looking forward to something or anticipating the arrival of something or someone.

Whether you’re looking forward to something or simply anticipating the arrival of something, both involves focusing on something or someone ahead of you. This isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish.

However, trust helps us to focus. So for instance, if you trust God‘s Word enough to wait, it becomes a little bit easier to focus on waiting on Him.

By easier, I do not mean everything is all rosy. But what I’m trying to say is that in some way, our trust in God helps us to stay focused on waiting on Him.

To be honest, I sometimes struggle with staying focused while I’m waiting. This is partly because I get distracted easily. While I didn’t always use to be that way, as I get older and desire to accomplish more, I find it very easy to become distracted with the zillion things on my list instead of simply waiting and then moving to the next task.

However, in the midst of some of those moments I have often been reminded to just stop and wait. And not just a quick wait, but waiting a little longer.

Psalm 27:14 states “Wait on the LORD: Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”[‭KJV‬‬]

The Psalmist wrote the word wait twice in the verse. This isn't a quick wait. This is more like the 400 years wait the Children of Israel had to wait for the promised Messiah.


As we go through this Christmas season, let’s not hurriedly go through another holiday. Let’s go through this season intentionally waiting on the promises of God a little longer.

Perhaps this post is just an encouragement to myself, but I pray it encourages at least one more person to wait on God. And while you wait, trust His promises and stay focused on what He’s called you to do!


Spend 15 minutes at least one day this week to just meditate on God’s promises. Here are a few suggestions but you can meditate on any of other one of His promises

Psalm 23; Psalm 27; Isa 42:5-9; Isa 43:1-7

Stay Blessed


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