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World Changer II

Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.

- William Carey

Hi friend. Welcome back to another post.

Let me quickly say thank you to all who gave feedback on the last blog post. I pray that God continues to use this site to inspire you as well as countless others. Also, please feel to share your comments or feedback down below.

Today's post, like the title suggests, is a continuation from last week, but the case study for today is the life of Esther.

The book of Esther is not a very long one and has only 10 chapters. However, the entire story of how God used this lady to become a world changer is narrated in the chapters of the story. I encourage/ challenge you all to set some time aside this week and read through the book of Esther.

Chapter 1 provides the backdrop of the story and serves as an introduction to the book of Esther. Chapter 2 is where we all get an introduction into who Esther is and her journey to the throne. Chapter 8 is where Esther's 'world changer' status goes viral, but the truth is that several things happened in between chapters 2 and 8. And if I could come up with an alternate title for this week's post, it will be 'the in-between'.

A lot of people loved last week's title. Frankly, I do too. Lol. But a lot of us aren't willing to put in the work 'in-between' to get to the title of a world changer.

To be candid with you all; the Lord has been dealing with me about a lot of things lately including what I just mentioned above. Last year this time, it was so easy for me to set time aside to just pray/ write; but as this year is progressing, my schedule just keeps getting busier and busier. And even though I do make time for these things, lately I just feel rushed as I try to accomplish tasks.

In order for God to do a thorough work in your life, He needs time. Time to set up the story of your life. Time to provide depth that will encourage others someday.

In chapter 3, we read about Haman plotting against the Jews; and in Chapter 4, Mordecai reaches out to Esther to inform her about the plan against the Jews and her possible role in preventing that plan from coming to pass. Part of Mordecai's message to Esther is given in verse 14 which states: "For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

I've heard a lot of sermons that focus on the later part of this verse; but I want to draw your attention to the first part of this verse. In essence Mordecai was saying to Esther that if she refused to step up to the plate, God would bring deliverance from some one else.

You see, one of the things I am learning is that none of us are indispensable to God. He doesn't force us to live for Him and has in fact given us free will.

World changers are not pre-destined. God doesn't pre-select certain people to do great things for Him; He wants to and can use anyone.

Not so long ago, I found myself in a terrible situation. I was around some people that were constantly making statement that made me doubt God's calling in my life. I started to think God couldn't use me because of ----------. Or that my life wasn't valuable because ------.

Its taken a lot of the Word, prayer, counselling and the encouragement of family members and friends for me to be at the point I'm at today. A point that sees potential in anyone that will get a hold of God and let Him make them into a world changer.


There is so much more I want to say, but so little time. However, if I can sum up today's post in a sentence, it will be this: Don't let someone discourage you of your potential, or think too highly of yourself, that you miss out on the potential of becoming a world changer; instead, focus on what God is doing in your life now while you are in the in between; because He is preparing you to become a world changer.

The title image today fits perfectly. Life isn't made up of just highs or lows. The truth is a lot of us actually spend more time in the in between more than any place else. Most of the book of Esther is about the in between; but that's what makes the book great.

Your current stage in life is not an accident, trust me; its the reality God has placed you in. Seek Him to find out what preparations He wants you to be doing at this time.

Challenge for this week

Please share [down below] an "in between' moment you have had in the last year.

Read the entire book of Esther.

Stay Blessed


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